Rootstein presents High Society – an unusual merger of realistic and abstract styling mannequins to create a timelessly elegant, subtle-yet-imposing series of premium “transitional” female characters. High Society is versatile enough to straddle multiple seasons and shifting trends, with a mix of life-like and conceptual elements that allows each figure to work with full wig and make-up treatments, or remain equally impressive when left unadorned.

High Society’s gestures are consciously understated – a slight kick of the leg, an upturned head, hands gently resting on hips, laid on thighs or clasped behind the back – to deliver a sense of quiet confidence, composure and easy authority. The eight-piece collection is formed of two seated postures and six standing figures, with two facial designs – one soft and rounded, the other bearing a more angular, square profile. Both heads come with a sculpted version of the hair, creating four different variations in total.