Rootstein Bespoke is a core service that allows our high quality handcrafted mannequins to be customised in-house to fit specific brand briefs.

From unique, full spectrum promotional concepts (hair, make-up, styling, creative) tailored to suit a solo flagship, to subtly altering an existing collection for large scale roll out, access to our bespoke sculpting atelier gives brands the opportunity to co-realise their vision alongside a specialist team of master makers.

Key aspects of the service include:

  • Co-creating with Experts: A leading team of expert sculptors, technicians, designers, photographers and fashion, hair and make-up stylists provide unparalleled levels of stimulation and support to transition initial ideas into inspiring in-store reality. We actively encourage clients to get involved in the creative process alongside our professionals – either remotely or by visiting our UK sculpting studio.
  • Testing New Creative Treatments: Our new, specially modified London showroom-studio offers a unique setting in which to trial innovative new design solutions and VM treatments at speed – including build materials, fixings, coatings, styling and lighting arrangements.
  • Fast turnaround expertise: Rootstein’s long history in creative production means we understand that some of the best briefs spotlight topical events and will therefore require a speedy turnaround. Our multi-dimensional team is adept at handling both long and micro lead-times, as and when fashion demands.
  • Elevating Events: Alongside windows and interiors projects we also create for events – furnishing leading fashion retailers with exclusive showpieces to elevate and accentuate brand presence.

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