About Rootstein


Rootstein Display Mannequins is the leading manufacturer of hand-made realistic and sculpted window display mannequins, mannequin accessories, mannequin make-up, mannequin styling, mannequin wigs, custom mannequin design and mannequin renovations. Rootstein also offers a bespoke custom mannequin design service with a high level of support, advice and attention to detail.


Rootstein are highly skilled at trend forecasting with an unrivalled instinct for model casting Rootstein remains perfectly in sync with the perpetual movement of the fashion industry. The unique artistry of our display mannequins capture, reflect and communicate the brilliant world of fashion at its most beautiful and thrilling.


Continuing Adel Rootstein‘s philosophy of constant innovation and boundless creativity, we at Rootstein create mannequins which embrace and translate the spirit of fashion for a commercial audience, providing the key visual merchandising tools for truly inspirational visual theatre.


The consistent success of our realistic display mannequins, many of whom have ignited or rejuvenated the careers of the models on which they are sculpted, ensure that Rootstein remains one of the the most prestigious mannequin designers working today. With over 50 years experience Rootstein produces the highest quality mannequins handcrafted from fibreglass and sculpted for a perfect life-like finish.


Rootstein is a vital part of the retail display industry and employs the highest calibre creative teams, including artistic directors, hair & make-up artists and wig makers, in order to realise our clients vision with impeccable flair.


As well as the continual development of new collections, Rootstein also collaborates with select clients to create bespoke pieces for special events, shows, window displays and exhibitions ensuring our body form figures remain vital and relevant at all times.